Friday, October 7, 2011

Review: The Eternal Sea (Everlasting #2) by Angie Frazier

The Eternal Sea (Everlasting, #2)The Eternal Sea by Angie Frazier

The Scoop:

When we left Camille, Oscar, Ira and Cassie's newly discovered brother Samuel they had found the mysterious stone of Umandu, brought Oscar back to life using it and killed off their nemesis in the search who also happened to be Samuel's father. What Camille and her co-horts didn't know is that Umandu is part of a set of stones that needed to be united (reunited?) to work properly in their magic of bringing somebody back to life. Not having the two stones meant that Oscar's soul was never returned to his body and therefore he wasn't yet, technically, alive. Camille is determined to travel to the bowels of the neverworld to get the stone and complete Oscar's reanimation. Along the way she must sort out her feelings for him and her "former" fiance Randall, determine where her brother's loyalties lay and try to locate loyal Ira who was abducted by the supernatural creatures trying to stop her in her quest.

My Thoughts:

Ok, seriously, what is it about book series that have some sort of romance aspect that will have the main characters have some sort of stupid falling out in the middle book of the trilogy. Gah! I'm all for a good love triangle when we don't quite know what is in our main character's heart. However, it's very annoying and frustrating when we followed two characters through an entire previous book where they battled and overcame and ultimately decided that they were soulmates. I mean, hello? She chose to bring Oscar back from the dead rather than her father. Her FATHER! The person that loved and cared for her her entire life! And then we come to the second book and just because Oscar is missing a little thing like his soul and can't shower emotions on Camille (and Randall can and will) doesn't mean that she should just switch allegiances. SHE CHOSE OSCAR OVER HER FATHER! That has to mean something in the grand scheme of trying to find a soul, right? Ok, so I admit, if I was looking at a future where I didn't have a soul or could be pulled into the Underworld by Domorious I might be a little hesitant to continue on a relationship with somebody but, still. Oscar and Camille worked together to get Umandu in the first place so a little thing like finding the sister stone and regaining his soul shouldn't be that much more difficult and become a relationship deal-breaker. Ok, I think I'm done with that.

But, really, besides that whole Randall or Oscar internal debate she has Camille is one of the best female characters. You'd think she'd be all hoity-toity and fancy-like because her father owned a shipping empire (of sorts) but no, she's all kick-ass and strong. I guess a lifetime of traveling on her father's ships made her a self-sufficient, take-no-prisoners type of gal. She had not trouble entering the bowels of hell to save her (supposedly) beloved Oscar's soul. She might have a moment of hesitation here or there but she doesn't let that, her brother's failing allegiance, the soulless cold-shoulder from Oscar, Maggie's uncertain guidance and other issues that crop up in her travels sway her from plowing forward in her mission. I really admired her spunk and fortitude.

Again, Angie Frazier took the reader on an interesting journey to a lesser explored book setting. In the first book we sailed the high seas to Australia and on this trip we set sail for Egypt (and the Underworld). And her way of weaving historical and fantasy aspects together in a subtle way made it a pleasure to read. Considering that the resolution between Camille, Oscar and Randall was left hanging a little bit I'm looking forward to what I assume is another book in the series.


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